VHS Camcorder

VHS Camcorder for Android

  • Paid
  • In English
  • Version: 1.5.2

Software Application to Mimic the Effects of a VHS Camcorder

VHS Camcorder is a great application for those who have been looking to transform their digital videos with a retro appeal and a host of unique editing options.

A Host of "Throwback" Options

VHS Camcorder provides users with a plethora of unique options in order to mirror the "grainy" effects often associated with recordings from the 1980's and 1990's. Some interesting functions include the ability to embed an on-screen date, flashing titles, a fake zoom lens, and image glitches that were quite common in the past. In fact, even the audio feedback can be modified so that the very same retro appeal can be heard as well as seen.

Excellent for a Number of Occasions

From adding a sense of appeal to an otherwise boring professional presentation to using this application for a 1980's-themed party, the choices are nearly limitless. Please keep in mind that VHS Camcorder only requires an additional 3.1 megabytes of free memory space.


  • Very little hard drive memory is needed
  • Editing controls are simple and straightforward
  • Numerous retro effects are included
  • Videos can be imported from other applications


  • Rooted mobile phones are not supported
  • Will not function with custom ROMs
  • The sound may become choppy on occasion
  • There may be occasional glitches when importing videos


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VHS Camcorder


VHS Camcorder 1.5.2 for Android


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